The PCTM New Teacher Award

The purpose of the award is to recognize promising, beginning teachers of mathematics so that they will be encouraged to remain in the profession. To be nominated for this award a candidate must:

  1. Be a teacher in a public/private school (at any level, K-12) who teaches mathematics.
  2. Have completed his/her first, second, or third year of his/her first full-time teaching experience.
  3. Be nominated by a supervisor, an administrator, or a colleague.
  4. Exhibit contagious enthusiasm for students’ learning of mathematics.
  5. Demonstrate initiatives in developing innovative strategies in his/her teaching.

The individual nominating a candidate for this award must submit in writing to the Awards Committee, a summary of the candidate’s contributions. The Awards Committee will submit to the Executive Board the name of the educator who is recommended to receive the award.

The award, consisting of a plaque and three years of free membership of PCTM, will be presented at the Annual PCTM Conference. The individual recommending a candidate for this award must submit a summary of the candidate’s contributions towards the teaching of mathematics to the Awards committee.